July 2018 Update: Dr. Jack has Retired!

Dr. Jack’s last day of seeing patients was June 26 of 2018. After a full career of providing dental care in the military and then private practice, he is now enjoying a well-earned retirement.



When was the last time a dentist cleaned your teeth? Meet Dr. Jack Stewart DDS: a Lansing Dentist who actually cleans teeth. Click to read more. Dr. Jack Stewart is a Board Certified General Dentist There are only 6 Board Certified General Dentists in the state of Kansas. Dr. Jack Stewart is 1 of those 6. Click to read more. (as of July 2016) Dr. Jack's building is conveniently located next to the Lansing (KS) Post Office Located directly next to the Lansing Post Office. Click for a map, open hours, and contact information.

Why Dr. Stewart DDS?

When credentials and personal care matter.
Dr. Jack Stewart is 1 of 2 dentists in Kansas who is a Board Certified General Dentist with Mastership Status, Academy of General Dentistry (as of July, 2016).
Dr. Stewart believes in personal care. You don't see him for 3 minutes at the end of your appointment: he actually provides all of your dental care.
Dr. Jack uses proven dental technology. You aren't paying for expensive, unproven technology with Dr. Stewart.
Dr. Jack will not perform a procedure or treatment on a patient that he would not undergo himself or give his own children.

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