About Dr. Jack Stewart DDS (Lansing, Kansas)

US Army Colonel (retired)

Dr. Jack retired from the Army in 1994 after 27 years of service. His last assignment was managing the dental clinic at Ft. Leavenworth. Dr. Jack and his wife felt the Lord leading them to settle in Lansing, open a private practice, and raise their children.

Personal Care

Dr. Jack loved his time in the Army and provided care to thousands of soldiers and their loved ones, but the constant ``chair-hopping`` he had to do was not his preference. Now, in private practice, he is finally able to provide the personal care for his patients he has always wanted to.

Keepin' Busy

When Dr. Jack isn't taking care of his patients, he keeps busy with his antique clock collection, volunteering at his church, and cheering the Tennessee Volunteers.

Contact Dr. Jack Today

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  • Military Provider

    Even though Dr. Stewart is now privately practicing, he continues to provide care to many members of the military.

  • Insurance Accepted

    Dr. Stewart accepts and processes most insurance. If you have any questions, just contact him.

  • Christian Dental Society

    Dr. Jack is a longtime member of the Christian Dental Society.  He is is also a longtime member of the Christian Medical & Dental Society.