Board Certified General Dentist (DDS)

Does Board Certification Make a Difference?

Only 1 percent of General Dentists are Board Certified. In the entire state of Kansas, there are only 6 General Dentists who are Board Certified (July 2016). Most (if not all of them) are either in, or were in the military. The military definitely understands these two things:
1) The vital importance of dental health to a person’s entire health and well-being.
2) Constant learning/training is vital to performing at one’s peak.

What is involved in becoming Board Certified? Well, let’s put it this way: if the process to become Board Certified was quick and easy, more dentists would be Board Certified! To learn more about what it means to be a Board Certified Dentist, you can visit the web site of the American Board of General Dentistry.

Mastership Status, Academy of General Dentistry

But wait, there’s more! Out of those 6 Kansas General Dentists who are Board Certified, there are only 2 who have also attained Mastership Status, Academy of General Dentists (July 2016). And yes, Dr. Jack is 1 of those 2. Read more about what it takes to attain Mastership Status (MAGD).

The photo at right could have been a photo of Dr. Jack’s MAGD accreditation. It’s not. Why is that? It is because you get to a point where what matters as much as training is the “philosophy” of care that a Dentist employs. Dr. Jack Stewart’s vision is based in the Golden Rule: he treats his patients the way he would want to be treated, or the way he would want his children treated. He will not perform a procedure on a patient that he would not undergo himself.

The Golden Rule in Practice

Some practical implications

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  • Military Provider

    Even though Dr. Stewart is now privately practicing, he continues to provide care to many members of the military.

  • Insurance Accepted

    Dr. Stewart accepts and processes most insurance. If you have any questions, just contact him.

  • Christian Dental Society

    Dr. Jack is a longtime member of the Christian Dental Society.  He is is also a longtime member of the Christian Medical & Dental Society.