Personal Dental Care

When you last had your teeth cleaned, did a dentist clean your teeth?

While there are many hardworking and conscientious people who are hygienists, Dr. Jack has not been able to find one who provides the careful and thorough cleanings he requires for his patients. The silver living in this cloud is that Dr. Jack discovered he really liked spending the additional time with his patients, being the one who personally provides their care.

He does have an amazing dental assistant, but when Dr. Jack Stewart is your dentist, you know that he will be the one providing your care.

If you want personal dental care by 1 of the 6 Board Certified General Dentists in Kansas, Dr. Jack Stewart is your man.

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  • Military Provider

    Even though Dr. Stewart is now privately practicing, he continues to provide care to many members of the military.

  • Insurance Accepted

    Dr. Stewart accepts and processes most insurance. If you have any questions, just contact him.

  • Christian Dental Society

    Dr. Jack is a longtime member of the Christian Dental Society.  He is is also a longtime member of the Christian Medical & Dental Society.